2015_Day 12: Tastes of Wisconsin make my day

2015/01/img_1416.jpgWhat could be better than the Green Bay Packers win over the Dallas Cowboys Sunday? A visit from our oldest, who’s a law student at Minnesota. He made it all the sweeter by bringing two Wisconsin favorites – beer and brats!

Yes, my sister also brought Spotted Cow during her visit a couple weeks ago, but we graciously welcomed another several cases. I’d really like to find a similar Texas-brewed cream-style ale, but haven’t had much luck thus far. Austin Amber is good, but it doesn’t quite match up to the fun, fruity taste of Cow. Maybe another Texan will read this and offer some suggestions before the six cases sitting in our garage are finished!

What I’m guessing my fellow Texans won’t be able to recommend is a good brat to take the place of our favorite Wisconsin bratwurst – the Oktoberfest Brat produced by Festival Foods, a family-owned company with grocery stores throughout the the state. Festival (think H-E-B on a smaller scale) describes its brat as a “premium quality blend of lean meats and savory spices researched from the Old World recipes of German sausage makers.” It is so plump and juicy that my mouth waters just talking about it! Brats made by Johnsonville and other big names just don’t hold a candle to Festy’s brats.

I’m willing, though, to take suggestions for Texas beer and brats and will try as many as possible to see if another brand can take over the sweet spot in our hearts and stomachs that Festival now holds!

C’mon now, comment below to send your favorites my way!

2 thoughts on “2015_Day 12: Tastes of Wisconsin make my day

  1. Shannon

    I can only speak for the beer as we gave up factory piggies several years back. Texas beer: Shiner Bock. My personal cheap-beer-in-a-can: Tecate (from Mexico).

    If you are into German heritage foods, you should take a trip to Fredericksburg, Texas in the spring. You will NOT be disappointed at the brats and beer in that town!

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