2015_Day 11: Lettuce, flowers made it through hard freeze

2015/01/img_1415-0.jpgI’m happy to report that both the lettuce and my matthiolas made it through the last few nights of really cold weather. I’ve been covering them at night for the last week or so (one night, it got down to 18), and on Friday and Saturday I kept them covered all day, as well. I was able to move the lettuce onto the covered patio, but not before the tarp was coated in ice on Saturday. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem any worse for wear, although it’s certainly not growing.

The matthiolas, planted in front of the house, are still a beautiful pink. They are so pretty – they are a bright spot in each day. When I pulled off the blanket I had covering them this morning though, it was so wet and heavy, I half expected the flowers to be crushed beneath it. Although, they’re a bit beat up, I think they will survive.

There still are some low 30s in the forecast this week, but hopefully it will warm up enough during the day that it won’t hurt them too much. And I’m really looking forward to the upper 50s and low 60s forecast for later this week.

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