2015_Day 27: Girl Scout cookies will always be my favorite

These lovely treats need no introduction.

These lovely treats need no introduction.

Back when daughter was a pre-teen, she was a Brownie and a Girl Scout. For me, this time of year also meant I was her troop’s “cookie captain.”

There were only about 10 girls in her troop, so the volunteer position wasn’t that difficult or time-consuming. Make sure the girls and parents had their cookie description sheets, knew what cookies were being sold and how to collect money. I had to tally up their orders into one big order for the troop and make sure all the money was collected. On cookie delivery day, I’d take the back seats out of my minivan and collect the troop’s cookies. One or both of the troop’s leaders would meet me at the elementary school where one of them worked, and we’d sort the cookie boxes into piles for each girl to collect.

It was a fun job, and it always ensured that I had access to Girl Scout cookies. It’s one fundraiser I have always supported, despite the seemingly smaller portions sold. I love the Girl Scout mission: to build “girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.” If my eating their cookies helps encourage strong young women, I’ll gladly buy a few boxes.

The problem in recent years has been I haven’t known any Scouts. There always used to be someone in the office whose daughter would come around, but, like my daughter, they’ve all grown up.

And whenever I have seen them selling the cookies at the local grocery storevor big-box retailer, they only took cash or checks and I rarely carry either. So I was happily surprised when a troop selling cookies outside a local store last Saturday told me they took credit cards. I sayshayed my way over to their table and had them tell me about the new ones (don’t want gluten-free and don’t like raisins in cookies). The girls did all the work, short of operating the smartphone used to swipe my card and get my signature. They were helpful, pleasant and very appreciative, everything this former “cookie captain” expected to see.

My order? Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs, thank you very much. I’ll stick to my tried and true favorites — and they’ll stick to me.

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