2015_Day 358: Christmas Eve treats

With husband and daughter both working this Christmas Eve, I decided to finish baking my holiday treats. Actually, I got most of it done last weekend, but the one thing I didn’t get to was a family favorite — Mint Bars.

My mother has mostly made the Mint Bars in the past, but that had to change last year when we moved to Texas. So I found several recipes on Pinterest and added them to my profile. They turned out perfectly.Don’t they look yummy? Believe me, they were. So I was looking forward to making them again thus year. Problem is, I couldn’t remember which recipe I used. I hate when that happens, you know? I always tell myself to go back and edit the Pinterest recipe to reflect that I made it. So next time I make it I remember which recipe to use. Or not use.
So tonight, I made the recipe I think I made last year. I’ve just got the brownie portion made, but already I’m afraid they  don’t look like they did last year. 

I have to let them cool before I can make and add the mint frosting and chocolate glaze. So it will be awhile before the verdict is in. Wish me luck. Oh, and Merry Christmas Eve.

2 thoughts on “2015_Day 358: Christmas Eve treats

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