2015_Day 346: Cookware suggestions anyone?

My current set of cookware was relatively inexpensive and has seen better days. Butter no longer melts evenly in any of the skillets, the bottoms are so warped. That means food doesn’t cook evenly either. Flecks from the bottoms of the pots and pots come off in our food. It’s time to look at a new set. The problem is that I’ve found a few I like, but can’t choose between. And with Christmas sales aplenty right now, I need to make a decision soon.

Three brands are at the top of my lists: Calphalon, Cuisinart and Rachel Ray. All three seem to get decent reviews. All three have the hard-anodized aluminum that I’m looking for. I really like the pour spout feature the Calphalon has (shown below), but wish I could hear from someone who has them–or used them. Is the pour spout as useful as it sounds?
I’m also looking for cookware that it is oven safe to at least 350 degrees. Up to 450 degrees would be better. I don’t know how many times I’ve started a dish in a skillet on the stovetop, only to have to transfer it to an oven safe pan to finish the baking process. I’d love a cookware set that is versatile enough to work both on my cooktop and in my oven. Fewer dishes to clean up and less for me to possibly spill all over the place. Because although I enjoy cooking, I’m not always very neat. I’ll take all the help I can get.

So, what say you, blogging friends? What kind of cookware do you suggest and why?

6 thoughts on “2015_Day 346: Cookware suggestions anyone?

  1. Shannon

    I cook with induction and gas, so Calphalon SS and cast iron are my choices. I prefer cast iron because cleanup is a cinch (boil a bit of water and scrub with a brush, no soap, dry, wipe a bit of oil on it, and put away.)

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      1. Shannon

        Having cooked with both (gas and induction) I choose induction! The two burners we only use in prolonged power outages. Induction is way more efficient, time-saving, and less heat in the kitchen.


  2. Cindy Omernik

    I bought a new set a couple years ago. A higher end T-Fal set on a Black Friday deal. Love it. It is the anodized finish. Only thing I would recommend is that there are lids for each pot. I have one pan in the set I don’t use, because there is no lid that fits it.

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