2015_Day 74: Adding curb appeal exhausting but rewarding

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I can’t believe how exhausted I am after the first spring weekend of gardening for me in Texas. Not everything is done – far from it – but I think I really got a good start on my vegetable and flower beds (Saturday). Today’s task was planting the shrubs I bought several weeks ago to go on the long side of our house that faces the street.

After we let the grass dry out a bit (I forgot to turn off the sprinkler system after testing it Saturday, so it turned on automatically at 5 a.m. today), I place the six golden Euonymous and three Green Cloud Sage where I thought I wanted them. Husband, however, suggested I stay away from the electric meter and cable box, which meant I had to redo the layout. In the end, I eliminated two golden Euonymous plants from the design.

I was glad husband did the hole digging for the shrubs. Our soil is very heavy, has lots of clay and lots of rocks, making it somewhat of a chore for him. Not to mention that the yard slopes away from the house at different grades from one of the house to the other, so each hole had to be dug differently to accommodate. After he dug the holes, I planted the shrubs, adding some better soil for good measure. I think I’ll let them settle for a few days to see if I need to add extra soil before I put mulch around them.

I love how the yellow and green leaves of the golden Euonymous looks against the red brick of the house. And once the sage flowers, the purple should be a nice contrast. I think it adds striking curb appeal to our property and should only increase as the shrubs grow.

I love it when a plan comes together! It makes the hard work all worthwhile. Yes, dirt therapy sure tires a person out. But on the plus side, I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.

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