2015_Day 135: Flowering sage a pretty surprise

I got a lovely surprise tonight — the Green Cloud Sage shrubs are flowering on the side of the house. We transplanted them on March 15, and truth be told, I’d kind of forgotten about them.

Planted along with golden Euonymus, both have been doing well, and I haven’t been ignoring them. Up until the last two weeks, I’ve made sure they have had enough water, but because of all the (very plentiful) rain lately, I’ve not paid much attention to them.

Until tonight when I noticed the pretty deep pink flowers on them. Yes, I knew they would flower, but I guess I forgot. What a pleasant reminder! I hope they stay this way for awhile. The color is a nice compliment to the red brick on the house and the green and yellow leaves on the shrubs.

I think I made a good choice.

2 thoughts on “2015_Day 135: Flowering sage a pretty surprise

  1. Shannon

    Love the cenzio! They call it ‘Texas Rain Sage’ because after a good rainfall, it will explode with blossoms. It doesn’t really do this when drenched with a hose, though. Rain is the key. Glad you planted one.

    PS – You’ll like my post this morning. Same plant. 😀

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    1. Julie Riebe Post author

      Well, that makes a lot of sense. There also are a few sage plants in the front of the house that were here when we moved in last fall. No flowers then, when it was hot and dry. But they also have a few now.

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