2015_Day 134: Sensational sunset

If storms and cooler weather are responsible for the beautiful sunset central Texas was graced with Wednesday night, I say “More please!”

I almost missed it, too. I was just finishing Wednesday’s Chocolate Chips and Chaos post when I happened to look up and saw a purplish hue over the house behind ours. At first I thought it was a storm coming through and was worried it was going to be a bad one (which we’ve missed so far, fortunately).

When I moved toward the window however, I saw the most beautiful pinks, reds, yellows, purples and blues. The colors reflected off the sinking sun on the clouds was simply breathtaking.

A few minutes later, the pinks and reds had disappeared (below), but the mixture of oranges and blues were almost as beautiful.
The Texas sky continues to amaze me.

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