2015_Day 133: The garden grows green (and a little orange)

I always like to track the progress of things — my garden, DIY projects, etc. And today I wondered how differently my vegetable garden looks from when I planted it in late March.

The two photos above were taken March 22, shortly after I planted the garden. All fresh and new, with hopes high.
This photo is from April 1. The peas and beans (left bed) were doing well at the time. Everything else was holding its own.

Taken today, the two photos above show a much different story. The tomatoes (center beds, top photo) are going gangbusters, as are the cukes, onions, basil and chives (bottom photo).

The peas and beans are pretty much a lost cause, save for 2 or 3 pea plants that are still hanging on.

Oh well, there’s always fall for peas, right?

3 thoughts on “2015_Day 133: The garden grows green (and a little orange)

  1. Shannon

    Looking great, Julie! We’ve had so much rain here, the eggplant are drooping with fruit and the tomatoes — planted as 1-ft-tall seedlings — are chest high after only three weeks growing. Holy moly!

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