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2015_Day 206: Just another pretty faceĀ 

It’s no secret I love flowers. That I fall in love with new flowers all the time. Lately it’s the vinca, a flower that’s supposed to tolerate heat well. So far, it’s lived up to the hype. And I love the way the flowers open. So symmetrical. So precise. So…pretty. Continue reading

2015_Day 188: Fastest sprouting seeds ever

The purple zinnias are sprouting!

The purple zinnias are sprouting!

Well, that’s a record, at least for me. Two days after I planted seeds in the peat pellets, the first flowers have popped up. Yep, only two days after I planted them, purple zinnias are sprouting, along with a few pinwheel zinnias. I have never had seeds sprout that fast. Of course, the peat pellets are sitting in a mini greenhouse on my patio and it’s been in the low 90s the past two days. Plus, it only got down to about 78 or 79 overnight. Continue reading