2015_Day 185: Fight against birds goes on

I hate to jinx it, but I think I might slowly be gaining ground in my fight against the birds pecking at my tomatoes. I’ve only seen one bird in the netting since I put it up almost a week ago. I have seen birds on the backyard fence, and there are a few tomatoes near the area that’s easiest for them to get to, but they do appear to be leaving the others alone.

I’ve also added a few other preventive measures that I hope will help. I picked up a few cheap pinwheels at Hobby Lobby today, thinking the noise from them might scare the birds. Plus, one of my sisters recommended I try hanging a few pie tins. Hopefully, the glare and the noise will make the birds want to avoid the ‘maters. 

A birdbath (a suggestion by another blogger’s husband) is on hold for now. If the birds continue to be a nuisance, I’ll consider it, but pie tins and pinwheels are much cheaper options!  

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