2015_Day 17: Clothes shopping not the trip it used to be

There was a time when I used to love going shopping for clothes. I could spend hours in stores, looking and trying things on. It didn’t even matter if I wasn’t planning on buying anything (many times I didn’t); in fact, sometimes window shopping was the best. No expectations, hence no disappointments if I didn’t find anything I liked.

Somewhere along the line though, shopping for clothes seems to have become somewhat of a chore for me. As life got busier with family and a job, clothes shopping became something that I had to find time to do. Schedule it, like grocery shopping and paying the bills. And like many chores, I often start out with good intentions, but soon get bored, or more likely in my case, annoyed. Annoyed that I can’t find anything I like or think looks good on me. Annoyed that I get the sizes that fit me last time, only to find out once I’m half naked in the dressing room that gravity has played another number on my body. The fluorescent lighting in those places doesn’t help much either!

Even though I don’t shop for clothes that often, I’ve found I can only handle it for about two hours before I start looking at the clock on my phone and wondering if the aggravation is worth it. Wishing I had more patience.

Wishing that some day, shopping won’t seem like such a chore for me. After all, if I’m spending my hard-earned money, I should have fun doing it, right?

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