2015_Day 361: It was nice while it lasted

I had to take a photo (above) of my blooming flower bed on Saturday in all its winter glory. I’m glad I did. The mercury dipped some 20 degrees in 15 minutes this morning, and with at- or below-freezing low temperatures predicted for at least the next week, the flowers’ beauty is probably short-lived.

I shouldn’t complain about the cold weather, but I’m sure I will. Cold is relative depending on where you live, and I’ve definitely adjusted to Texas’ warmer climate. Plus, it’s hard to see the beautiful greens and golds of the gazanias, marigolds and other annuals lose their star power.
It has been so warm that new little tomatoes were popping up in my veggie bed. In fact, even the fall tomatoes that have seen better days seemed to be taking on new life, their tops sprouting new green leafage. Unless I cover them or the flowers, I doubt they’ll survive this next week or so, with lows of 34, 39, 31, 34, 31, 33, 28 and 27 predicted.
Oh well, it was nice while it lasted.

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