2015_Day 15: Anticipating the beauty of spring

Finally! A high temperature warmer than the 30s or 40s. It was a beautiful day to take a walk in the neighborhood (high was 59), and the prospect of 60s (maybe even 70) for the next six days had me looking at the landscape a bit differently.

We moved to our new home in Georgetown, Texas, on Labor Day weekend, and the heat already had taken its toll on the grass and trees. Of course, many lawns are watered so there was a fair amount of green. But it wasn’t that fresh, new look you get at the beginning of spring, when rebirth is in full mode. Not many trees or flowers budding in 90-plus degree heat.

Our subdivision sits on a hill overlooking the city and as dog Chloe and I walked through the neighborhood park I couldn’t help but wonder what it would look like in another month or so when it warms up. I smiled at Chloe, snapped a picture (above) and told her we’d definitely be back to check it out.

Once back home, I took a look at landscaping (or lack thereof) on the side of the house facing the street (below). I definitely want to add some bushes so it doesn’t look so cold and sterile. And to take attention away from the electrical boxes. Since there’s a lot of reds in the brick on the house, I was thinking more along the lines of a darker green, maybe even something that gets yellow blooms. Of course, it should be easy to maintain and mow around since I’m not sure if we’ll do mulch beneath them. Might just stick with grass. Any suggestions from fellow Texas gardeners?

In addition to adding a few raised beds for veggies in the backyard (below), I’d also like to add a few trees or bigger bushes along the back fence, to add some privacy from the neighboring houses. I was thinking of a magnolia tree, but am open to suggestions there, too.
Hopefully, I can convince husband to go to a few garden centers this weekend to see what’s out there. Can’t wait to start getting dirt under my fingernails again!

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