2015_Day 201: A distressed but beautiful blue

The base of my new cabinet, made out of reclaimed wood.

The base of my new cabinet, made out of reclaimed wood.

A month ago today, I wrote about my desire to have a cabinet custom built for an odd shaped area of our house. Husband and I had met Jim and Carolyn Pfau at Poppy Days in Georgetown back in April and then saw Jim again at Fredericksburg Trade Days in June. Jim creates signature pieces from reclaimed and distressed wood and metal and I was instantly intrigued by the Pavo Real Furniture.

A Pavo Real creation we saw in Fredericksburg.

A Pavo Real creation we saw in Fredericksburg.

So, I sketched out a design I liked and we made an appointment to talk to Jim about it at his home and shop in Hill Country. It took us awhile to find (thanks to wrong Google map directions), but we finally made it. I was a bit surprised to see that Jim’s shop was an old shed/barn behind his house. The barn doors were open because there is no air-conditioning in the building. Just a lot of wood and metal hinges. A big, old wooden table stood outside the barn/shed and was strewn with tools, pieces of wood and whatever happened to be around. Roosters could be heard crowing and several dogs were enjoying the warm summer day. We talked about my design for about 45 minutes, Jim asking a lot of questions about my sketch, showing me a few other pieces he was working on to describe a color or specific elements. The design I decided on based on a green cabinet we saw at Fredericksburg Trade Days (above), except that the top and bottom are reversed. Mine will have cabinet doors on the bottom and open shelving, including a wine shelf, on top. While I want some storage in the cabinet, I also want to display things, hence the shelves on top.

The pieces usually take 10-12 weeks, Jim said, so I hope to have it finished and on display in my house by the end of September/early October. What’s cool about Pavo Real — besides the unique designs — is that Jim and Carolyn send out text messages and emails with updates. About 10 days ago, I got a text message from Jim with a picture showing several pieces of wood and the message that he had started work on our cabinet. Last week, Carolyn sent an email with three photos showing the progress.

I love the look so far. I think the distressed blue is just beautiful. I know it’s not the final color, but I just love the shade of blue and think it will be perfect in our house. Can’t wait for the next batch of photos!

5 thoughts on “2015_Day 201: A distressed but beautiful blue

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  2. mydenimfield

    I love the inspiration piece but oh my that blue in your wood is gorgeous. You made a good choice in having the open shelving on the top. That’s how I would want it if I were designing it.

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