2015_Day 34: Will junk email ever go away?

It's not this Spam that bothers me (I actually like it!), but the junk emails that clutter up my email box.

It’s not this Spam that bothers me (I actually like it!), but the junk emails that clutter up my email box.

During my recent job search, I signed up for a lot of job alerts via email. And along the way, I ended up with a lot of spam emails in my Junk folder. You know the kind — cheap auto insurance, attorneys, help for hair loss, help for my love life, etc.

To be fair, my email provider (Yahoo) does a pretty good job at filtering the worthless emails into my junk folder. But I still had (have) to check the junk mail folder regularly to make sure an email I really did want didn’t accidentally go there instead. It can be a time-consuming and frustrating task.

Which makes me wonder: Will there ever be for email what there is for telephone calls — a “Do Not Email” list, if you will? I think the “Do Not Call” lists dramatically cut down on the amount of telemarketing calls people receive. But is this even possible given the fraudulent nature of most spam emails?

I know you can report spam to the Federal Trade Commission, but does the average citizen really do this? I don’t or at least I haven’t. I do mark spam that gets through to my inbox as junk mail, so future emails go into the junk folder. But that’s as far as I take it. And although it is a short-term fix for the problem, it really isn’t a long-term answer. What kind of oversight and resources would a “Do Not Email” list require? Seems to me it would have to be a massive effort. And who would pay for it? And how would/could officials in the U.S. take action against overseas spammers — even if they could track them down?

The Internet age has been a blessing, to be sure. But it’s also helped those who like to prey upon others the ability to do just that more easily. There needs to be a way to curb this type of activity. And it should happen sooner rather than later.

1 thought on “2015_Day 34: Will junk email ever go away?

  1. Shannon

    I use CatalogChoice.org. Very worth the money (it’s free, but I donate to support). The only things they can’t keep out of my post office box is political and religious fliers and those circulars for local grocers. So I just put those straight away into the circular (recycle) bin.

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