2015_Day 49: Is Fredericksburg worth the trip?

Several times since we moved to Texas, people have suggested that a visit to Fredericksburg is a must. Between its wineries, antiquing and German heritage, there’s something for everyone, the word is.

I saw online that something called Fredericksburg Trade Days February is happening this weekend and I want to know: Is it worth the trip? I love antiques, collectibles and crafts (mentioned on visitfredericksburgtx.com), and I know I could talk father-in-law into going with me. Husband, too, especially if I could convince him we could find good bratwurst, which we’ve really missed since leaving Wisconsin.

What say you, Texas residents? Does Fredericksburg get a thumbs-up?

3 thoughts on “2015_Day 49: Is Fredericksburg worth the trip?

  1. Shannon

    Definitely. Be sure to hike Enchanted Rock. It’s a beautiful view from the top of the dome! Just don’t go up when it’s cold and wet or windy. There are great breweries and one of them has a portabella mushroom burger that is beyond glorious. If you’re a WWII buff, be sure to spend a morning at Nimitz (Pacific War?) Museum. Fantastic.

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