2015_Day 127: There’s no place like home

While I enjoy taking trips–even if they’re for work–the best thing about them is coming home. This week’s trip to the Chicago area eas no different. It was an exhilarating three days of meeting new people, learning more about the company I work for and team building. But you know what was better?

Opening the door to darn dog Chloe, who was jumping all over she was so excited to see me and then walking out to the backyard to see several cosmos flowers blooming and zinnias about ready to bloom (above photo).

As the photos below show, I also saw a red tomato, tomato plants growing outside their cages, a few pea plants that look like they may actually flower and robust containers of pink and red petunias.

Yes, Dorothy, I wholeheartedly agree. There’s no place like home. 

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