2015_Day 130: A day for moms 

Like most Sunday mornings, I was the first to get out of bed, relishing my time in a quiet house, enjoying a little CBS Sunday Morning, and on this Mother’s Day Sunday, a beautiful bouquet of red roses.

I enjoy growing many types of flowers, but never have given much thought to growing roses. I’m not sure I have the patience and/or dedication I’ve heard it can take to grow them well, so I appreciate that husband bought me a type of flowers you won’t find in my garden.

And I like how perfect they look sitting in the vase on our dining room table, with the not-so-perfect, somewhat messy kitchen in the background, the refrigerator full of reminders of our busy life. 

Kind of a calm in the perfect storm that is our life.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there. Hope you can take the time to enjoy your own perfect storm today. 

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