2015_Day 150: Where’d the dirt go?  

You’d think that since I’m in my backyard every day I would notice all the significant changes taking place with the raised beds.

So I can’t believe I missed that the top tier of my three-tiered flower bed was losing so much dirt. Like at least three inches worth. At first I thought maybe it had just happened in the past two weeks, the time during which we’ve gotten so much rain. 

But when I looked back through my photos, I can now see it started happening almost immediately (photos below). I haven’t found a lot of dirt in the grass, so it either settled or somehow made its way to the other tiers. 

Here’s the three-tiered bed on April 8, shortly after flowers started poking up out if the dirt. Notice that the dirt is pretty much up to the top of the bed.

As the next photo shows, the top tier was already down a significant amount of dirt on April 18. And by May 8, even more.  And as today’s photos show, the top bed has lost a lot of dirt.  Maybe the reason I didn’t notice it so much is that you don’t really see the top tier when looking at the beds from the front. I guess I’ll have to wait awhile to add more dirt back to the top bed — I don’t want to bury the flowers there.

I’ll just enjoy the view until then.

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