2015_Day 169: Sweet basil, chives and tomatoes

Picked more fresh basil and chives tonight to share with coworkers. This week’s rain (about 3 inches since Sunday morning) has been great for both herbs. And I absolutely love how pungent they are!

Now I wish I’d get a few more tomatoes to make some fresh tomato sauce. I’ve had enough tomatoes for a few salads, but I’ve had to buy a few at the local farmers’ market to satisfy our BLT fetish.

I really thought I’d have more of the cherry tomatoes by now. There have been plenty of blossoms; I’m just not sure they’re turning into fruit. I would have had more ripe big tomatoes, but I think the birds have gotten almost as many as I have. Now I bring them in the house at the first hint of yellow, but sometimes even then they have little pecks in them.

The wind from Topical Storm-turned-Depression Bill didn’t do the tomatoes any favors either. They had been hanging on to the sides of the cages I staked them up with, but Bill really blew them around. So tonight I put up a trellis/fence I bought back in April for the purpose of training my peas and beans. Given that they never amounted to much, I might as well put the trellis to good use, right?

Hopefully, it will hold the tomatoes up for another month or as long as they last. 

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