2015_Day 177: A perpetual vacation

Geting goofy on our real vacation to Wisconsin recently.

Geting goofy on our real vacation to Wisconsin recently.

During a visit to Wisconsin recently, a family member asked me how it was living in Texas. None of my immediate family have ever lived outside the Midwest; in fact, most have always lived in Wisconsin. My parents briefly lived in Texarkana when my dad was in the service, but other than that, my immediate family members are homebodies. They like Wisconsin (I do, too!)

So it was only natural that they’d want to know how it was living in the South. Strangely enough, I had actually been thinking about it for quite awhile, mostly because I couldn’t really put my finger on exactly how I felt. But the night before I got asked the question, it hit me. Living in Texas — for me, at least — feels like I’m always on vacation. Just the fact that I can wear shorts almost every month of the year if I want to is one reason alone. And go bare-footed. And see a lot of sun every month of the year. And flowers all year round — I can’t forget flowers!

It hit me again the other night when husband and I went to a baseball game at Dell Diamond, where Triple A affiliate Round Rock Express play. It was Sunday night and I had to go to work the next day, but that all felt so far away as we basked in the warm summer evening, and just relaxed. It felt like we were on vacation, even though it was just a regular weekend. But honestly, that’s pretty much how all weekends (many weekdays, too) feel.

I guess I didn’t know what to expect when we moved to central Texas from Wisconsin. But a perpetual vacation wouldn’t have been my first guess.

I kind of like it!

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