2015_Day 222: Remembering the bumbles

A bumble enjoys a zinnia in my Wisconsin garden in 2013.

A bumble enjoys a zinnia in my Wisconsin garden in 2013.

I have seen very few bumble bees in central Texas and they were my favorite bee while gardening in Wisconsin. They loved my flowers and my raspberries. I loved picking raspberries for hours at a time and sharing the patch with them. We both went about our business, neither bothering the other. It was a beautiful co-existence.

While looking back at my Facebook memories recently, I found a video I posted back in 2013 of the bumbles and other insects buzzing around flowers in my clothesline flower garden. It made me happy remembering those days, yet sad that I don’t see many (really any) here. That may be mostly my fault since I live in a new subdivision, where there’s lots of concrete. I’ve seen other bees, just not bumbles. Guess I’ll just have to work on that by adding more flowers and fruit/vegetables that bumbles like.

In the meantime, I’ve made that Facebook video public, so y’all can enjoy them, too.

1 thought on “2015_Day 222: Remembering the bumbles

  1. Shannon

    You’ll have to make your yard a neon sign that says, ‘Come and get it, bumble bees!’ Will be so worth the effort. Turf grass in subdivisions is like long swaths of desert to pollinators. We need a serious paradigm shift.

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