2015_Day 265: Explanation for rash still unknown 

So, it’s going on seven weeks, and I still haven’t figured out the cause of the rash that’s covered almost all of my body at one time or another.

While there have been times that the rash mostly cleared up, it has never been totally gone. And every time I stop using a prescription ointment for even a day, it comes back.

The latest trial was to see if my seizure medication was causing the rash. My neurologist was willing once he saw what he called hives on my back (I can’t really see them, so I don’t know). That was a week ago, and it’s been five full days since I switched completely to the new meds. The itching and rash/hives seemed better over the weekend, but unfortunately, they’re both back today. I’m afraid to say I don’t think it was the meds.

For the last week or two, I’ve been doing more searching, looking for possible answers. What on earth could be causing this stupid, uncomfortable rash/itching? An allergen still seems highly likely, so I poured over all our receipts since the beginning of July to see if I could find anything new that I’ve bought. The only things I could come up with are the mulch I bought at the beginning of July but didn’t spread in my garden til the mid to end of July, and a succulent plant (two actually) that I bought. One is in the house, the other hanging outside my back door. I guess I’ll have to clean out all the mulch and get rid of the flowers to test that. 

Another possible cause I read about has do to with changes to my body from what I think could be the start of menopause. I know, you probably want to read about that as much as I want to write about it! But the truth is, my cycle has been very strange for the past four to five months. Well, for much longer than that, really, but more so in recent months. For about the eight to nine weeks before the rash started, I got my period every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Since the rash started, I have gotten it at all.

I’ve read how itchy skin can be a symptom of menopause. Now, what I have is a bit more than itchy skin, but it seems to fit. It has to do with, as you might think, a hormone imbalance. I’ve also been reading about a product called maca powder that can help your body get back into balance. I’ve even bought some maca powder, made from the maca root and grown in Peru. If the rash/itchiness isn’t better in a day or two, I think I’m going to try it. It’s not supposed to have any side effects.

The final thing I’ve been reading about is something I’ve been trying to ignore because it sounds awful. It’s called histamine intolerance and it scares the crap out of me because from what I’ve read, it could mean a drastic change in the foods I eat. Things like tomatoes, oranges (any citrus fruits), mayo, aged cheese and alcohol. And a lot more. A lot of things I love to eat. And I know it sounds strange, but life without tomatoes just sounds a little less satisfying, you know?

Well, my dermatologist wants me to try the corticosteroid and ointment for another three weeks, thinking it still may be a viral infection that hasn’t worked its way out of my body. After seven weeks, I’m starting to doubt that’s the case.

I know cases like this — with no obvious cause — are difficult to diagnose. And I’m trying to be patient, but a person can only take so much. I just want it to go away. Please?


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