2015_Day 282: Leaf no stone unturned 

As I was walking darn dog Chloe around the yard tonight, we passed by the garden and I got to thinking. I’ve posted so many photos of flowers on my blog, but I think I’ve overlooked the actual leaves on flowers and vegetables.

So, in the spirit of giving the leaf its due, today’s post is a collection of them.


The photo at the top of blog post is a pumpkin leaf. In the middle of the long pumpkin vine known as Wanda in my garden, are a bunch of leaves that have milky white splotches spreading out from the veins. I love how they look.

Vincas have beautiful, elegant leaves.

A begonia leaf.

Another pumpkin leaf, speckled in yellow.

Can’t you just smell the tomatoes?

A cute fledgling pumpkin leaf, starting to stretch out.

Leaves on a pepper plant.

Those marigolds that withstood the heat this summer? They have pretty cool leaves, too. And lots of them.

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