2015_Day 308: Gadzooks, more ganzanias

Another flower in my flower beds that doesn’t seem to want to let go of summer is the gazania. I planted these on a whim, along with some yellow poppies. The gazanias were late bloomers compared to the zinnias, cosmos and marigolds, but they’ve continued to stay green.

I noticed today that they have a bunch of new buds, too. I hope they keep blooming. Especially if it means the beautiful 80-degree days we’ve had this week continue. Late fall in central Texas, love it!

4 thoughts on “2015_Day 308: Gadzooks, more ganzanias

  1. yanniesaurus

    It would seem that your flower beds in texas are pretty much the same as my flower beds here in Queensland, Australia. They gotta survive our killer summers! Grow with love and laughter! xx Yannie from Shenanigarden!

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