2015_Day 335: No really, it is

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the last 11 months, it’s that finding something to write about every day is hard. It’s not easy to count the days either. Wait. What? It’s hard to count by ones? Seriously?

It seems easy enough to do. Type “2015_Day (fill in the number)”. Add one every day. Piece of cake, right? Problem is, I type many posts using my cell phone, which obviously has a much smaller keyboard than my tablet or desktop computer. And the numbers are really, really close together, so there have been times when I’ve been off a number and never realized it. 

But then comes a day like today, when the calendar says Dec. 1 but my previous blog post indicates today’s headline should be 2015_Day 334. Wait a minute. That doesn’t sound right. There are 30 more days left in December after today, right? (In my head, I’m saying: “Thirty days has September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31, except February…” Now, I’ve never claimed to be a math genius, but I do know that this year has 365 days. So 334 plus 30 for the rest of December just doesn’t add up. 

Crap! I misnumbered a post somewhere along the way and didn’t catch it. So I scroll back through the posts and realize I’ve been misnumbering posts for three months! Double crap! While checking out the numbers, I also notice that on day 217, I referred to it as day 2017. Oh my! Anyone who read that post must have thought I was having a really bad year. (Of course, maybe the more realistic possibility I should be considering is that no one at all even read the post. That, however, sounds like a topic for another day.)

And before I forget, I should clarify that writing a blog post using a cell phone keyboard is NOT an acceptable excuse for mistakes. Plenty of people do it on a regular basis without glaring errors. I should be able to do the same–regardless of whether anyone is reading it. Because as important as it is to have readers (I’m extremely thankful for all of mine!), I’m really blogging because I want to. And I should hold myself to the highest of standards.

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