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2015_Day 314: Ban on soccer headers a start

As a mom of a soccer player, I’m always worried about injuries. Especially head injuries. So I was encouraged to hear that the United States Soccer Federation today banned headers by its youngest players. Headers will not be allowed by players younger than 11 and 11- to 13-year-old players won’t be able to head the ball in practice. Continue reading

2015_Day 30: High school soccer season is here

2015/01/img_0887.jpgWell, the first week of district games are in the books for daughter’s high school soccer team. Two losses, but we’re staying optimistic. One of the teams played won state last year; I’m told the other was the third-ranked team. So the losses aren’t surprising. And hopefully it means that the team has already faced the best competition, so games should get easier. Continue reading