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2015_Day 255: Seeing beauty in all stages of a flower’s lifecycle

I haven’t deadheaded any of my flowers lately because, well, I like to look at them through all stages of life. I know some of the zinnias and other flowers are all dried up. But I’ve watched them for weeks on end now, from being tiny seedlings to little buds to full flowers. So I think it’s only right that I keep a few of the “gray-haired” ones around, too! Continue reading

2015_Day 249: Marigolds DO rock! 

My mom taught me that marigolds were a great flower to plant around tomatoes because their strong scent kept away some insects and sometimes even rabbits and squirrels. And until recently, that’s all I really ever used them for. But they were a great addition on their own to my Texas garden this year, and I really enjoyed their color, their tolerance for the heat (with a little TLC) and the fact that I could harvest their seeds by the dozen for replanting. Continue reading

2015_Day 247: Flowers bring peace, calm to end of busy week

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole world would change.” — Buddha

I’m constantly amazed at how productive zinnias are. Just when I thought the zinnias in my pots were on their last legs, I see more buds popping out of the leaves. Continue reading

2015_Day 243: Win some, lose some applies to houseplants, too

I replanted a struggling aglaonema (lower left) in January. Almost seven months later, it's strong and beautiful (upper left). On the other hand, I'm afraid my impatiens (right) is nearing its end.

I replanted a struggling aglaonema (lower left) in January. Almost seven months later, it’s strong and beautiful (upper left). On the other hand, I’m afraid my impatiens (right) is nearing its end.

When I bought the New Guinea impatiens back around June, it was really pretty, with deep purple leaves and a few bright pink flowers. I potted it and displayed it on my front porch, sure it would soon be full of blossoms and the prettiest flower on the block. About a month or so later, I noticed a few of the leaves on the bottom of the flower were turning brown. Continue reading

2015_Day 217: Hump day laziness

Yay for hump day because that means it’s one day closer to the weekend. But I’m not really in the mood for blogging today, so a few photos will have to do it. A second branch has started flowering on my crape myrtle and a new zinnia has sprung up near my marigolds and also is starting to flower. Continue reading

2015_Day 216: Seeds sprouting

While I didn’t expect to see zinnia seeds sprouting after just 2 1/2 days, I am pleased to see a number of them popping up in my flower beds. I’m giving some credit to the layer of leaves and dried-up flower stems I covered the dirt with after planting. That homemade mulch, along with regular watering and this Texas heat could just be key to a bumper late-summer/early fall flower crop.



2015_Day 214: Early morning gardening beats the heat

All cleaned out and ready for more.

All cleaned out and ready for more.

I’ve never been very good at weeding, and deadheading flowers really hasn’t been my thing either. Until this year, that is. About 10 days ago, I deadheaded the zinnias in my flower beds. But the hot, dry weather the last couple weeks has them drying out fast — even with watering every day. So before the heat kicked in today, I got my butt off the couch and did another really good cleanout. Continue reading