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2015_Day 319: Patience pays off in pink and red fall flowers

I’m becoming a big fan of geraniums and begonias. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always thought they were pretty flowers, but for some reason I didn’t always think they were for me. They were staples in many gardens I saw growing up, but I just didn’t seem to have much luck with them. I probably didn’t have enough patience to weather the season with them, neglecting them either by not watering enough when it was hot or not deadheading them. Eventually, I’d just give up and relegate them to the trash. Continue reading

2015_Day 316: Throwback to flowers of June

I’m in a reminiscing state of mind the past few days. About my flowers, that is. We had a great spring and summer and I am happy and satisfied with the performance of the flowers I planted. From the cosmos to the zinnias to the petunias to the marigolds, they all served their purpose– to brighten up my back yard, and in turn, my day. Many of my days. Continue reading

2015_Day 308: Gadzooks, more ganzanias

Another flower in my flower beds that doesn’t seem to want to let go of summer is the gazania. I planted these on a whim, along with some yellow poppies. The gazanias were late bloomers compared to the zinnias, cosmos and marigolds, but they’ve continued to stay green. Continue reading

2015_Day 294: Blooms are back

A month ago, my crape myrtle was full of blooms — beautiful, pink, velour-like blooms. They’ve mostly been gone for the past few weeks, until a couple days ago when I noticed a corsage-size bunch of them blooming near the bottom of the shrub. Continue reading

2015_Day 283: The appeal of mums

I’m not sure why, but chrysanthemums have never been high on my list of fall flowers. But in Texas, it’s hard to ignore them this time of year. They’re everywhere. In huge corsages given to high school girls by their boyfriends during Homecoming week. In every grocery and garden store. On display in front yards and local businesses. Continue reading

2015_Day 282: Leaf no stone unturned 

As I was walking darn dog Chloe around the yard tonight, we passed by the garden and I got to thinking. I’ve posted so many photos of flowers on my blog, but I think I’ve overlooked the actual leaves on flowers and vegetables. Continue reading