2015_Day 57: Too late to sow seeds indoors, but outdoors awaits

From dokity.com

From dokity.com

For as much as I’ve been looking forward to Spring and the prospect of an earlier gardening season in central Texas, you’d think I would have paid closer attention to last-freeze dates.

Suffice it to say that I did look awhile ago but then forgot about it. And given that it looks like average last freeze date for Williamson County is early to mid-March (although who knows with this year’s cold spell), any seeds I use this Spring will have to go directly into the ground. I should have been more on the ball and at least planted a few tomato seeds in early February, so they’d be ready to transplant in mid-March.

I didn’t though, so I guess I’ll have to rely totally on plants from a local garden store. Yes, I would have bought a few plants to transplant anyway, but it would have been nice to grow at least a couple from seed.

This weekend, I really have to concentrate on getting my shrubs and trees planted and figure out what size container beds I want to put in my backyard. By the time I buy them, get them installed and get enough soil for them, it will be time for plants to go in the ground.

Green thumb, don’t fail me now!

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