Evening Rush Hour

2015_Day 64: I’ll find my own slice of heaven…

Some day, when daughter is out of the house, I’ll find my own little slice of outdoor heaven, where I can watch the birds every night in my backyard and listen to the trickle of a creek.

Until then, I’ll have to live it through the words of DirtNKids. I invite you to, too. Listen closely and I bet you’ll even hear the Belted Kingfisher or Red-shouldered Hawk!

3 thoughts on “Evening Rush Hour

  1. Shannon

    Thanks for the re-blog, Julie. Believe me, it was worth the wait and all the ‘trouble’ we went through to secure this little slice of heaven almost 10 years ago. It just had all the potential to be a wonderful spot for us to roost a while. You’ll find yours too! Heck — you may already be in it. Cheers!

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      1. Shannon

        It always does! And there’s a longer growing season here in Texas. No reason why you can dirt up your nails in some way 12 months out of the year, dream yard or no.

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