2015_Day 71: Sprinkler system figured out

Not only did we see some sunshine and 70-degree temperatures today, I also figured out where the sprinkler system heads are and how much soil I’ll need for my raised beds.

To determine the sprinkler head locations (I guess they’re called rotators), I just turned a couple of the zones on that I thought controlled the back-most portion of our yard. (If you look closely enough at the photo with this post, you can see the water spraying in front of the fence.) Sure enough, the rotators popped up out of the ground, and I dodged my way (quite unsuccessfully) around the jets of water to mark their locations. It’s amazing how they sneak back into the lawn once the system shuts down!

Anyway, now I know where I can place the raised beds. I wanted to put one together tonight, but once I turned the sprinkler system on – even for just a few minutes – the grass got a little too wet for that. But I did figure out how much soil I need to get, so tomorrow I’ll call a local landscaper and see how much it’s going to cost to have it delivered. And, more importantly, how soon they can deliver it! Fingers crossed they won’t have a huge wait list, since my weekend plans totally revolve around getting it! I know, I know, I shouldn’t wait ’til the last minute. Better planning has always been a goal of mine when it comes to gardening. Some years I do better than others. This year, not so much.

Aside from calling a landscaper about soil tomorrow, any other gardening will have to wait. It’s the last soccer game of the high school season for daughter’s team, so that has to take precedence. But I plan to be up bright and early Saturday morning, buying any last-minute stuff I’ve forgotten, assembling raised beds and planting my crape myrtle and other shrubs. It’s going to be a productive weekend – and a very important step in making our new house feel like our new home.

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