2015_Day 78: Tomato blossoms appear out of nowhere

My Better Boy tomato plant has blossoms.

My Better Boy tomato plant has blossoms.

I love the first tomato blossoms of the season. The yellow flowers offers promise about what’s to come. Yep, you guessed it. Juicy, red fruit. For me, the definition of garden glee.

And these flowers snuck up on me. I shouldn’t be surprised, what with the warm, humid weather we’ve been having. Perfect tomato-growing conditions. But it’s like they popped up between today and yesterday on both of my Early Girl plants as well as the Better Boy. I didn’t notice them last night, but there they were tonight. Big, yellow and beautiful.

I decided not to plant them tonight because there’s more rain in the forecast for Friday and Saturday. Only this time, the forecast calls for downpours and possibly 3-8 inches. So I’ve covered the big raised bed full of soil (hoping that will prevent too much dirt from getting washed out) and I’ll wait until Sunday to plant the tomatoes and everything else I’ve bought.

Who knows, by then maybe the blossoms will be little tomatoes!

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1 thought on “2015_Day 78: Tomato blossoms appear out of nowhere

  1. Shannon

    The lettuce in your grass is doing better because it’s planted directly in the soil!! Your pots are most likely supplemented by artificial means (a/k/a/ bagged ‘dirt’), no microbes or little wriggly roto-tillers to help the roots along. You might want to add a little compost tea to your pots to see if it helps them.

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