2015_Day 77: Spring awakens gardening spirit in many

I love reading all the gardening posts lately by others who are really enjoying that Spring is here (or near for those in cooler climates). 

Everyone seems excited to get outside and turn over their dirt, relishing in the idea that soon seeds will be sown and they’ll be able to watch the fledgling sprouts grow into strong plants that will (hopefully) produce a bountiful (or at least beautiful) crop of fruits and veggies.

I officially have dirt beneath my fingernails — and I hope it stays that way for a long time. Because for me there is no better sign that I am working in my garden and yard. I don’t even care that my hands will be perpetually begging for lotion and I won’t be able to grow decent looking fingernails. (That reminds me, too, that it’s about time to get a good pedicure to hide the dirt beneath my toenails!)

Lettuce update: It’s still alive (mostly) although it’s really growing slowly. In the photo with this post, the right side is how the containers look today; left side is from Feb. 14, after a major thinning. Even if it does get big enough to harvest, I’m wondering how it will taste. Is there such a thing as “old” tasting lettuce? 

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