2015_Day 114: Hot, humid weather perfect for tomatoes 

We were talking about the weather at work today, and a co-worker commented how she wasn’t ready for the 90s and the humidity. It has been humid lately and we’ve had at least one 90-degree day with more in the weekend forecast. Innocently (I am new to Texas, after all), I asked if 90s in April were common, adding that I thought those hot temperatures would hold off til at least May.

“Nope, April is about right,” they said in unison, lamenting about a spring a few years ago, when central Texas hit the century mark regularly in April. Fortunately, I’m thinking that won’t happen this year (I just double-checked the forecast to make sure – mostly 80s, even a 79 and 68 forecast!).

But I will admit that the humidity, combined with 80s and a fair amount of rain, has been great for the tomatoes. Especially the Early Girl and Better Boy plants (shown above), which all have some good-sized fruit on them. I was thinking they’re not getting as big and bushy as they should be, but then I remembered they’ve only been transplanted for a month. In Wisconsin, they would have been in the garden for two months before they got this kind of consistent heat and humidity.

So I guess I’ll be happy with how they’re doing — they seem to be! Following are more garden photos.

The cucumbers — especially the ones on the right — also seem to like the warm, humid conditions. 

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