2015_Day 302: The itch is gone, at last

For the first time since the beginning of August, I am completely rash and itch free. It seems an insane amount of time for whatever it was that attacked my body to decide to leave, but I’m thankful it has.

At last no more nasty red bumps that left my skin in a burning itch, and reduced me to tears (and very little sleep) the first two weeks I had it. I think I subconsciously scratch every now and then out of habit, having done it constantly for several months when it actually did itch. All that’s left now is some flaky skin where the most severe rash/itching was. 

Although I’m glad it’s gone, I’m still no closer to figuring out what caused it. Definitely frustrating. I thought it was an allergy of some type, but I didn’t change anything dramatically while I had it, so that doesn’t explain why it went away. The dermatologist’s explanation of a viral infection that just had to work its way out of my system seems most likely, but again, frustrating, because it seemed there was nothing I could do to clear it up. All the doctor was able to do was give me ointment and cream to help me endure the rash and associated itching.

It’s kind of scary, too, that something like that can take over your body and run rampant for so long. I sure hope it’s the only time it happens. Because it sucked.

Life is definitely much better now. 

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