2015_Day 331: A different kind of fun in the rain

We were supposed to be traveling to the Dallas area this weekend for a soccer tournament. But (another) round of wet weather put the kibosh on that. While daughter loves playing soccer in the rain, methinks she would have been a tad bit cold, given temperatures were in the 40s (windchills in 30s) where the games would have taken place.

Instead, she and I spent the afternoon wandering around town shopping. We made a point of not going out in the morning, figuring we’d avoid the big “Black Friday” rush. We were successful in doing that and really enjoyed the afternoon. We didn’t buy a lot, and we got a little wet, but it was fun just being together. 

I don’t get a lot of chances to spend time with her these days. Usually she has soccer, school, work and friends to keep her occupied. So when she suggests doing something together, it makes me happy.

I could go for this type of Black Friday every year!

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