2015_Day 332: Cold and colorful

On one end of our yard sits the raised beds that held fruits and vegetables most of the spring and summer. The only thing left in them now are what remains of the tomato and pumpkin plants. Although the pumpkin vines have been reduced mostly to mush in the cold and rain of late, the actual pumpkin still stands out brightly, its orange half facing the sky.

Closer to the house, one tier of the flower bed is still full of colorful flowers, almost like it’s the beginning of summer. The gazanias, petunias, poppies, marigolds and zinnias continue to pop up through the vibrant green leaves and stems. It’s hard to believe there can be such a difference in temperatures just 20 or 30 feet apart, but the proximity to the house seems to have sheltered the flowers more. I don’t feel the need to cover them. They seem to be doing quite well on their own, so I’ll enjoy them as long as they last. Outside flowers in late November. Love it!

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