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2015_Day 47: I wish I could learn faster

At my last job, I was the expert. I had worked at the same place for 16 years and had tons of institutional knowledge. I was the one people asked when they had a question about how a publishing system worked, or why it didn’t work the way it was expected to. At my new job, which I started last week, I’m the newbie learning all new programs along with different ways of doing things. Continue reading

2015_Day 35: Ready for the next big change in life? I am

IMG_1436When I left my job in July, I was excited and a bit anxious about what lie ahead. I had worked for one media company or another all my adult life — I was a reporter, photographer, paginator, news editor, copy editor, online editor. You name it, I probably had done it in some capacity as a journalist over the years. But husband’s new job in thriving Austin, Texas, was giving me an opportunity to explore my career choices. Continue reading