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2015_Day 281: Pumpkin shriveling on the vine

Changes happen often in gardens and most gardeners suffer through the unpleasant as well as the good ones. My garden certainly is no different. Just two days ago, I was excited to see three little pumpkins on my big pumpkin plant (I call her Wanda). Continue reading


2015_Day 279: From 1 to 3 pumpkins!

Today I noticed the start of a third tiny pumpkin on Wanda, my wandering pumpkin plant. I put arrows on the photo pointing to each of them; the newest one is hard to see otherwise. Continue reading

2015_Day 260: Pumpkin progress?

Wanda, my wandering pumpkin, continues to stretch out. She’s started trailing onto the grass, so I suppose I’ll have to try to train her to grow back into the raised bed soon. If I can’t, husband probably won’t like to mow around her.

How could he not like her, though, with her cute little pumpkins?

2015_Day 253: More pumpkin flowers

Today I had a few minutes to check out the garden before work, and it was nice to see a lot of pumpkin flowers open. Also noticed that Wanda is expanding beyond the borders of the raised bed. Cosmo, the other pumpkin, is a lot smaller than Wanda, but he does have a flower or two.

When I got home tonight, I moved Wanda so she’s trailing inside the bed, but I’m guessing it won’t be long before she stretches out again. She’s definitely a pumpkin without borders, although I suppose that’s what pumpkins do, right?

Rain update: An hour after I posted last night about waiting for the rain, we actually did get a small shower. Less than a half-inch, but at least it’s something. There are more rain chances yet tonight and again tomorrow, but they’re really spotty.