2015_Day 85: Flower power rocks!

I think these are cosmos seeds that have sprouted.

I think these are cosmos seeds that have sprouted.

I planted my flower seeds Sunday morning, and five days later, lovely green leaves already are popping up out of the dirt. Just five days!

Seeds have sprouted in two of the three tiers; the lower one, which has painted daisies and cosmos, and the middle tier, which has a mixture of zinnias and another type of cosmos. Didn’t see any sprouts in the upper tier, which has California poppies and gazania, but hey, two out of three’s not bad, right?

I know I’m pumped! Have I told you lately how much I love Spring? Woo-hoo!

Could these be zinnias?

Could these be zinnias?

3 thoughts on “2015_Day 85: Flower power rocks!

  1. Shannon

    My best girlfriend gave me a box of impatien seeds, which I dutifully sprinkled in my only shade bed. Can’t wait to see what beauties pop up.

    I should get into seeds more; I’m sure they’re cheaper! I’m such an immediate gratification gal for flowers, I wind up buying whatever flats of color splash six-pack Lowe’s has available (and when it’s convenient for me) to put into the ground and enjoy straight away. I’ll wait for veggies, but gimme flowers now!

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