2015_Day 86: Houston, we have a tomato

My weekend got off to a great start despite working later than usual Friday night. After a quick supper, I headed outside to water the flowers and vegetables and stake the tomato plants. I think I squealed when I saw a cute little tomato growing on one of the Early Girls.

It amazes and delights me how much a garden can change overnight. I swear I didn’t see the tomato last night, although now going back and looking at a photo from Wednesday, I do see that the beginnings of a fruit was starting from one of the flowers. But it grew so much overnight (well, two nights actually). I guess seeing all the flower seedlings last night distracted me a bit!

Anyway, after admiring the first tomato of my new garden for a few minutes, I turned my attention to staking the three bigger tomatoes. It was pretty gusty on Thursday and the two Early Girls and one Better Boy were already starting to lean a bit, so I figured it was a good night to get them staked. I know the stakes probably won’t hold them for very long; they are the spindles from a broken drying rack, so they’re pretty thin. But they’ll do for awhile.

The tomato wasn’t the only first tonight either. One little pea seedling has pushed its way through the dirt, the first of many, I hope. I’m thinking the weather pattern the next three or four days — warm days and cooler nights — is going to push a lot more pea seedlings through the dirt. Hopefully, beans, cucumbers, onions and peppers, too.

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