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2015_Day 355: Just add ice (cubes)

Have you ever watered a plant with ice cubes — on purpose? I haven’t until this weekend, when I watered my newest addition, an anthurium. It’s a beautiful, inexpensive plant that’s perfect for Christmas. Continue reading


2015_Day 351:┬áPink Champagne Ruby Grass

One of the new plants I tried this year was Pink Champagne Ruby Grass. I bought two 1-quart containers fairly early in the spring and planted one each in the center of the two big planters on my back porch. The grass was really easy to take care of, and stayed green into November. Continue reading

2015_Day 350: Forever flowers? I’ll take ’em

Is this what a flower bed looks like in central Texas in mid-December? It’s what mine–or at least one of mine–looks like as of today. It’s the first year for the flower beds, so even though we lived in Texas last December, I hadn’t put the raised flower beds in. Continue reading

2015_Day 344: Throwback Thursday

Over the weekend, husband put together a garden shed we bought on Black Friday. We’ve been in serious need of something to house my garden tools, pots, bags of dirt, etc. My last garden shed–I called it a shack–was unique, if nothing else. It’s original use was as a working observatory, and we were told the top of the silo-like shed actually turned and the previous owners used a telescope to view the night sky. Continue reading

2015_Day 339: A is for anthuriums

It’s days like today that I feel like such a newbie to flowers. I saw these beautiful plants at a local store and they took my breath away! I don’t recall ever seeing them before and didn’t know what they were until I read the information card tucked into the dirt of one. Anthuriums, it said. Amazing, I thought. Continue reading

2015_Day 337: Three cheers for chives

Well, whaddya know. The chives in my garden are still growing. Or, maybe I should say they’re growing again. I planted them back in March and they did well until mid to late July. Then it got really hot. And while the basil did okay in the extreme heat, the chives didn’t like it so much. Continue reading

2015_Day 332: Cold and colorful

On one end of our yard sits the raised beds that held fruits and vegetables most of the spring and summer. The only thing left in them now are what remains of the tomato and pumpkin plants. Although the pumpkin vines have been reduced mostly to mush in the cold and rain of late, the actual pumpkin still stands out brightly, its orange half facing the sky. Continue reading