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2015_Day 307: Today wasn’t Wednesday?

Yikes! I was writing the title for this post when it hit me. “Today isn’t Wednesday, is it?” I asked daughter. “Nope,” she answered, unaware that I was really serious. Had I really gone through the entire day acting as though it were Wednesday? Continue reading

2015_Day 303: Rain is unbelievable

The rain, it’s just not letting up across central Texas. We are fortunate to say we only got about 4.5 inches today, a far cry from the 8-14 inches that fell less than an hour from here, closed the interstate, forced many evacuations just down the road in Austin and is responsible for at least one death and possibly several others. Continue reading

2015_Day 299: Mickey the pumpkin

Yes, it’s a little late, but we finally got a couple pumpkins carved for Halloween. Well, daughter did the carving, but it got done. She found a Mickey Mouse pattern, drew it on, then carved away! I think she forgot how tiring it can be because she decided to freehand the second pumpkin, which is still being worked on as I write this. Continue reading

2015_Day 298: A wellness update

If darn dog Chloe had her way, she’d be back to her old ways, sleeping on daughter’s bed, jumping up on the couch and running around the back yard, barking at the neighbor dogs out for their daily walks. Three and a half weeks after having surgery to alleviate a bulging disc in her spine, you’d be hard-pressed to notice anything wrong with her if it wasn’t for the strip of shaved hair on her back. Continue reading

2015_Day 297: Bye, bye Patricia

I think the worst of Hurricane Patricia remnants is over and fortunately, it wasn’t too bad for us in central Texas. It really didn’t start raining hard until late last night/early this morning. I woke up when I heard thunder and lightning, followed by pouring rain. Continue reading

2015_Day 293: Class rings, letter jackets and (gasp) colleges

It’s only two months into daughter’s junior year, and it’s quickly becoming the most exciting year for her. She wasn’t but a week or so into the school year when she brought home an order form for a letter jacket. She surprised me when she said she wanted one because I always thought she considered them silly. Continue reading

2015_Day 285: Frogs join the back yard family

My patio seems to have become home to two frogs. I don’t recall when I first saw them, although I think it was around the time when I started seeds in peat pellets in a tray on the patio back in early July. It was quite humid by the tray and I remember moving it one evening, only to see a frog jump out from behind or under it. Continue reading