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2015_Day 153: A vacation from gardening

Leaving for weeklong vacation in Wisconsin tomorrow. Can’t wait to see family and friends. But I’m a little anxious about leaving the garden untended. It finally has stopped raining here in central Texas, and with sunny skies and 90s forecast for the next week, I sure hope the automatic sprinkler system works. Continue reading

2015_Day 129: Super Sweet 100s thriving

A week or two ago, I wondered aloud whether the tomatoes in my garden were getting bushy enough. I’m used to Super Sweet 100 plants that are so tall and so bushy that they almost pull over the tomato cages that are supposed to be supporting them. Continue reading

2015_Day 127: There’s no place like home

While I enjoy taking trips–even if they’re for work–the best thing about them is coming home. This week’s trip to the Chicago area eas no different. It was an exhilarating three days of meeting new people, learning more about the company I work for and team building. But you know what was better? Continue reading

2015_Day 125: Will 3 days make a difference?

When I left home Monday midday, the cosmos and zinnias in my three-tier bed were full of buds, so I can’t wait to see what they’ll be like when I return from my work conference Thursday night. It would be cool to see flowers in bloom. Continue reading

2015_Day 123: Food for the tomatoes, beans, peas

Feeding a garden something other than water is new to me, but I’m giving it a try. Today, I put a mix of nitrogen, phosphate and potash in the dirt near my tomatoes, beans and peas in hopes that the tomatoes might get bushier and something — anything — might come from the beans and peas that are left. Continue reading

2015_ Day 118: Veggies harder to grow this year

Caterpillars or some type of fruitworm loving on my tomatoes?

Caterpillars or some type of fruitworm loving on my tomatoes?

I didn’t expect growing vegetables to necessarily be easy here in central Texas. And it isn’t. Neither the peas nor beans seem to be thriving; in fact, the peas look like they’re burning up. At the same time, I’m not sure what’s wrong with the beans. Continue reading