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2015_Day 301: Roasty, toasty pumpkin seeds

One of my favorite things about carving pumpkins is what comes out of the slimy inside of the pumpkins — seeds! While I have fun watching daughter carving, I comb through the slime, separating the seeds from the orange goop, anticipating the salty, crunchy goodness to come. Continue reading

2015_Day 299: Mickey the pumpkin

Yes, it’s a little late, but we finally got a couple pumpkins carved for Halloween. Well, daughter did the carving, but it got done. She found a Mickey Mouse pattern, drew it on, then carved away! I think she forgot how tiring it can be because she decided to freehand the second pumpkin, which is still being worked on as I write this. Continue reading

2015_Day 296: Storm anticipation

The clouds look so cool in black and white, don’t you agree? And while the weather forecasters can’t decide whether we’ll get 4 inches or 12, the sun decided to shine between the rain. No you can’t see it in the photo, but it’s there. Continue reading

2015_Day 295: Rain, snow…it’s all wet

While watching the weather tonight and texting with my sister about all the rain we’re supposed to get here in central Texas, I started thinking about snowstorms in Wisconsin the last few years we lived there. I thumbed through my old Facebook photos because I know I used to be somewhat obsessed with snow photos. Continue reading

2015_Day 294: Blooms are back

A month ago, my crape myrtle was full of blooms — beautiful, pink, velour-like blooms. They’ve mostly been gone for the past few weeks, until a couple days ago when I noticed a corsage-size bunch of them blooming near the bottom of the shrub. Continue reading

2015_Day 291: Drying basil easy, satisfying

I had been promising to dry some of my extra basil for a couple weeks, and today finally proved to be the perfect day to do it. And boy, was it easy. Seriously, all you have to do is cut the basil, wash it and remove the stems and bad leaves. Then arrange it on wax paper on a cookie pan, and place it in a 170-degree oven for about an hour. Continue reading

2015_Day 284: Love, miss glorious autumn colors

This post, found on Leaf and Twig, was a great visual for me on a Sunday afternoon when the mercury hit unseasonably high temperatures. The app on my phone said it hit 100, and while I think that may have been a slight exaggeration, it still was in the 90s, well above the average high temperature for this time of year. Continue reading

2015_Day 258: My (seemingly) weekly post of clouds

The clouds provided a most delightful drive home today. Low, high, dark, light, puffballs, wispy, they were all in prime form. The drops on my windshield didn’t get to be much more than that (there was a fair amount of blue sky among the clouds), although in some of the photos I took it looks like it was pouring somewhere. Continue reading

2015_Day 252: Waiting on the rain

The potential for rain was promising, especially after hearing before work today that the Dallas area had gotten several inches. And it was headed our way. But, as it many times does, clouds that seemed like they could, would even, open up and delight us with a refreshing shower or three, didn’t. Not a drop. Continue reading