2015_Day 341: Monday madness

Every day, it seems another moronic comment comes from the mouth of Donald Trump. First he wants to build a wall to keep out all the Mexicans. Today he wants to ban all Muslims from traveling to U.S. Tomorrow, who knows? But if you’re not white, it could be you. Or at least that’s the way it seems to me and plenty others. At first, I thought his candidacy was a joke and he wouldn’t last a month. I still think it’s a joke, but it’s getting kind of scary (disappointing, disheartening) now to see he seems to have so much support. If he gets the Republican nomination and goes on to win the White House (how appropriate, right?), this country deserves what happens to it. How can anyone think a Trump presidency would be positive for America? The best Christmas present any of us could hope for would be for Donald Trump to go away. Far, far away. We need to start working toward peace on earth. Let it begin with you, Mr. Trump.

2015_Day 340: December weather heaven

I am really loving this warm stretch of weather we’ve been having in central Texas. Sunny and in the mid-60s, this weekend was perfect. I did a little Christmas shopping, cleaned up one of my flower beds and added more holiday decorations to the front of the house–all in short sleeves. Even darn dog Chloe enjoyed the warmth, basking in the sun and rolling in the grass. It was a fantastic weekend all around. Continue reading

2015_Day 339: A is for anthuriums

It’s days like today that I feel like such a newbie to flowers. I saw these beautiful plants at a local store and they took my breath away! I don’t recall ever seeing them before and didn’t know what they were until I read the information card tucked into the dirt of one. Anthuriums, it said. Amazing, I thought. Continue reading

2015_Day 338:┬áRemembering a Dec. 4 (not so) long ago

Every parent will tell you they can’t believe how fast their children grow up. I feel no differently. And as my daughter celebrated her 17th birthday today, I thought back to the day of and after her birth. A few things still stick out in my mind. Continue reading

2015_Day 337: Three cheers for chives

Well, whaddya know. The chives in my garden are still growing. Or, maybe I should say they’re growing again. I planted them back in March and they did well until mid to late July. Then it got really hot. And while the basil did okay in the extreme heat, the chives didn’t like it so much. Continue reading

2015_Day 336: Why can’t we stop this?

Another day, another mass shooting in the U.S. Sounds kind of insensitive, but it seems like we, as a nation, have become desensitized to them. Because they keep happening. And happening. And happening. And no one appears to be able to do anything to stop them. Continue reading

2015_Day 334: A new Christmas tree tradition

Although our house can not be considered small by any means (2,200 square feet), the living room is pretty packed with a sofa, two chairs and the TV. There is no room for a Christmas tree. Ditto for the dining room. So this year, when I saw a tree advertised as a “pencil design,” I saw it as an answer to our Christmas tree dilemma. Continue reading

2015_Day 333: Pinwheel poinsettias, yes please!

In case you hadn’t noticed, Christmas poinsettias are out in full force. So far, the cutest ones I’ve seen are these adorable pinwheel-like beauties. I’m not sure what the actual variety is called (the little plastic plant marker that was in the pot just said poinsettia) and it wasn’t until I was looking at old photos on my camera that I realized they look like the plastic pinwheels I put in my garden to keep the birds away. Continue reading

2015_Day 332: Cold and colorful

On one end of our yard sits the raised beds that held fruits and vegetables most of the spring and summer. The only thing left in them now are what remains of the tomato and pumpkin plants. Although the pumpkin vines have been reduced mostly to mush in the cold and rain of late, the actual pumpkin still stands out brightly, its orange half facing the sky. Continue reading