2015_Day 351: Pink Champagne Ruby Grass

One of the new plants I tried this year was Pink Champagne Ruby Grass. I bought two 1-quart containers fairly early in the spring and planted one each in the center of the two big planters on my back porch. The grass was really easy to take care of, and stayed green into November. Continue reading

2015_Day 350: Forever flowers? I’ll take ’em

Is this what a flower bed looks like in central Texas in mid-December? It’s what mine–or at least one of mine–looks like as of today. It’s the first year for the flower beds, so even though we lived in Texas last December, I hadn’t put the raised flower beds in. Continue reading

2015_Day 348: A grackle tree

Did you know grackles grow on trees? At least it seemed that way in the parking lot of a local store tonight. There was quite a bit of traffic, but I was amazed at how long they remained perched on the trees. Then something would spook them and they’d fly up and around for a minute, only to reclaim their place on the branches. Continue reading

2015_Day 347: Project pumpkin snowman 

A few weeks ago when I was putting up Christmas lights, I noticed most of the pumpkins from the Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations that weren’t carved were still good. I hated to throw them out. It seemed such a waste. Then I had a thought. Why not try making a snowman out of them? Continue reading

2015_Day 346: Cookware suggestions anyone?

My current set of cookware was relatively inexpensive and has seen better days. Butter no longer melts evenly in any of the skillets, the bottoms are so warped. That means food doesn’t cook evenly either. Flecks from the bottoms of the pots and pots come off in our food. It’s time to look at a new set. The problem is that I’ve found a few I like, but can’t choose between. And with Christmas sales aplenty right now, I need to make a decision soon. Continue reading

2015_Day 345: Goodbye Friday, hello weekend

Okay, so I couldn’t write a fifth consecutive blog title full of alliteration. I tried, but I just couldn’t find the “f” word that described my Friday accurately. Yeah, I know there’s that “f” word, but that wasn’t quite right. Not that it wouldn’t have described at least a good portion of my day. Just not all. Continue reading

2015_Day 344: Throwback Thursday

Over the weekend, husband put together a garden shed we bought on Black Friday. We’ve been in serious need of something to house my garden tools, pots, bags of dirt, etc. My last garden shed–I called it a shack–was unique, if nothing else. It’s original use was as a working observatory, and we were told the top of the silo-like shed actually turned and the previous owners used a telescope to view the night sky. Continue reading

2015_Day 343: Wednesday’s winner

The sunsets of late have been gorgeous but hard to photograph because they seem to happen on my way home from work. Luck was on my side tonight, as the sun seemed to hold out longer than usual, and the sky still was beautiful when I got home from work. This one (above) was taken from our back yard. No filter needed. This one definitely was a winner. Continue reading

2015_Day 342: Tuesday treasures

One of the things I love about Christmas is the opportunity to pull out all the ornaments and decorations made by the kids over the years. The simpler the better. Like the glass ornament made just by adding a few pastel paint swirls by oldest son. Or daughter’s quirky snowman with a beak for a nose. Or her tiny hand print that just screams cuteness. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Continue reading